Global brainstorming on pathways to low emissions.

2017 Low-emissions Solutions Conference in NYC

The outcomes from this event will be presented at a special event at COP23

September 20-21, 2017

Faculty House, Columbia University
64 Morningside Drive, New York, NY 10027

The successful implementation of the Paris Agreement will depend on the deployment of Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDSs) and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Technological developments and innovative practices will be key in this process.

The Low-Emissions Solutions Conference (LESC) is aimed at problem solving, brainstorming, and global co-creation to inform nations about the latest technology developments. It brings together technical experts and world-leading scientists, engineers and innovators from business, academia, and cities, to share knowledge, exchange information, identify bottlenecks, discuss best practices, and prioritize future research in order to set common technological trajectories for a decarbonized economy as well as the transformations necessary in each sector.

About LESC

The first LESC was launched at COP22 and was the first large-scale technical-solutions conference organized for country delegations, placing innovative technological solutions at the core of the COP meeting.

Planning is currently ongoing to position LESC at the heart of COP23.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • Strengthen the technical capacities of the 196 signatory governments of the UNFCCC to design and implement long-term low greenhouse gas emissions development strategies
  • Chart key technology pathways for decarbonized energy systems, based on public-private partnerships
  • Create an intensive global dialogue among engineers and technology specialists on best practices and innovative solutions for a low-emissions future

Session topics may include:

  • Deep Decarbonization Pathways: Where Do They Lead?
  • Renewable Electricity Systems: How High Can You Go?
  • Demand Side Solutions to Renewable Integration: Do They Scale?
  • Autonomous Vehicles: On the Road to Deep Decarbonization?
  • Alternative Energy, Nuclear and CCS: What are the prospects?