LESC at GCAS 2018

The Land-Energy Nexus In Climate Change Mitigation

September 11, 2018
University of San Francisco

The 2018 Global Climate Action Summit will bring together leaders from state and local governments and business from around the world. In an official GCAS affiliate side-event, LESC will host panels featuring distinguished speakers who will highlight the current state of technological solutions in each field and identify research, funding, and policy gaps. The agenda will include facilitated networking sessions to promote multi-stakeholder collaboration.

This year’s LESC features distinguished panelists from government, academia, business, and civil society who will address the themes of energy and land use. It will begin with a plenary session on The Land-Energy Nexus In Climate Change Mitigation, a conversation about the role of energy in low-carbon land-use scenarios and land use in low-carbon energy scenarios. The plenary aims to challenge assumptions that could lead to unworkable approaches to decarbonization, and develop frameworks for land-energy integration that are conceptually sound and implementable on the ground.

The plenary will be followed by concurrent sessions on Decarbonizing Energy and Land Use that will dig deeper into these topics and the latest breakthroughs and challenges in technology and policy. The agenda will also include opportunities for poster sessions, information stations, and facilitated networking to promote collaboration.

San Francisco

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Registration & Breakfast


Welcome & Conference Objectives


Opening Keynote: Jeffrey Sachs, SDSN and Guest


Plenary Panel 1: The Land-Energy Nexus in Climate Change Mitigation


Plenary Panel 2: Counting on the Land: The role of Land Sinks, Biomass, and BECCS


Networking Break


Plenary Panel 3: Building Integrated Land-Energy Pathways: Reducing Uncertainty and Enhancing Benefits


Lunch Served


Parallel Session I


Land Use:
Implementing Natural Climate Solutions and Challenges

From Microgrids to Global Interconnection

Networking Break


Parallel Session II


Land Use:
Competing Priorities, Necessary Tradeoffs: Navigating a Multi-goal Agenda

Boundary Conditions: The Challenges for Sub-nationals in Leading the Low Carbon Transition

Networking Break


Parallel Session III


Land Use:
Technology-led Solutions for Implementing Climate Smart Agriculture

Innovation Towards a Low-Emissions Transport System

Evening Cocktail Reception